Monday, 7 December 2015


My personal life is so shit it is absurd.

I had to settle in court, for now. Had to be 'realistic' by looking at the current circumstances and lack of evidence, not how they came removing my child with no consent via parental responsibility, or failing to return him as per the court order that existed at the time. I tried my best in limited circumstances.

I don't have enough capacity to say much else on the subject at the moment, except that "it's not your fault" is vapid reassurance. Failure is failure. My son now resides with his father, I am surrounded by abusers and exhausted.

The fight will go on though, I will get him home.

To stop myself from having a complete breakdown I have been submersing myself in work, in trying to make one aspect of life somewhat fruitful.

So don't run away coz its all dark on the blog, the coming posts will be more positive.

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