Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Not done yet

Last nights post was all fury and demand.

Still awaiting the truth.

Still awaiting much.

I feel the need, given the circumstances, given that fury, to reiterate that it is love that is the motivation. The need for improvement, not just for my son and myself, or this shitty little town in this all too conservative county in this flailing country that we live in, but for all those that exist in this culture that makes it all too abundently clear that it does not care.

I care.

I fight. And although my feeds are limited in regard to the news and activism I used to be part of, I am aware that there are others that care, that fight, that raise their voices. And still I say: arise, awake. Say no, refuse to obey, break the cycle of silence and harm.

We have that power. Even against odds that seem stacked against us: we are the many. We can resist. We can persist. You do not have to be but another cog that keeps the machine turning.

Where possible I try to move within our cultural bounds, and see how these are failing. Tired and useless. Nothing seems to be achieved, and those whose jobs it is to work on the frontlines now only pass the buck and point to it being someone elses responsibility. I was never naive about this, but still, I am disgusted with how very little is being done.

Just a few paltry campaigns and picture ops with no real action, just a few logged incidents or complaints, a few words in interview or meetings brief and stirring the bad not alleviating it. That is it. This is the help, the support, the back up. Bullshit.

We need to demand better, whether a member of the public, or one working in these services. Stop making excuses. Stop waiting for some miraculous change, blinking stupidly as all crumbles into degradation and muttering "my hands are tied". They are not. I have experience that, literally....there is a vast difference.

We have everything we need for a forward facing, inclusive and compassionate culture; one which nurtures people and provides opportunity, which celebrates all the wonderfulness people are capable of....when they are not marginalised, or suppressed, or beaten, or starved, or raped, or made homeless, or all the other countless ways in which the people are broken into manageable units for those in power to chew over and suck all value from. Why do we allow this...why do we continue to except the strangle hold of our so called betters, of the so called law that governs their ability to continuously fuck us over...

Enough. Let go of the illusion. Let go of the labels, of the pacifying tactics of a few gaudy baubles or promises of a little bit extra if you shut up and bend over oh so conveniently for the patriarchal cock that will gleefully shaft you, and your family, and all that you hold dear.

Stop turning on one another, stop your casual nastiness and enjoyment of a label thats held in a tiny more esteem but really means nothing, stop your bullying and your set up opposition and fractioning of our strength. Damn fucking straight, we are all in this together. A state sanctioned atrocity. One that spans generations, and decades, and will continue to do so if we simply do not say: enough.

To simply refuse to continue this false narrative of justified hierarchies.

We are all people. We are one.

We are strong. We do not need to obey, to harm, to accept the continuance.

Alone, we suffer. Seperated, we are weakened. Isolated, our voices lack resonance.

Together we can enforce change.

If you break this silence.


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