Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Done, dun dun!

Well then. For once I get to post something positive!

Of Bloody Reflections is finished. Again. Rejection advice, beta feedback and recovering brain function has all been assimilated, the creases and errors ironed out, and...

I think it's good. I think it's there.

I'm feeling something close to relieved glee, mixed with nervous dread.

But that's cool because this last year has been fucking hard, I've worked fucking hard and I think it's paid off.

Of course it still has to run the gauntlet that is publishing professionals and, of course, audience. Which means that no matter how often I claim finality, there is likely to be more work ahead. But I think it will be the small stuff now.

This is just a small post because I'm all excited but I will be posting more about the process and giving a sneak peak at the opening chapters, and maybe even an artwork or two.

So don't stray too far, eh?

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