Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Scorpion King

Inside me you slept and dreamed of who you
would be, and
in awakening would stretch against my
ribs and turn cartwheels, eager to be.

Born, strength spent and oh so mortal,
you sat between my blooded thighs,
perfectly round, without breath yet and
our souls love sumoned between
our locked eyes.

Time stood still in the knowing
that beat between our hearts,
my son, sun, my stars, I'll be the moon
to guide you.

From the singularity to inifinty,
through all the love that seeps in the
inbetween spaces.

You grew, oh you grew, so swiftly
and words gained new definitions;
Brave beauty, canny smile, quick fingers
and kind heart.

Leaving me in a haze of delightfully
amazed exhaustion.

I will protect you.
No matter what ill winds blow.
No matter what hardships, what takings
take place.

I have the patience to watch and wait.
I have the will that will not break.
You have my heart and all the grace of
my love,
my son,
my Rowan.


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