Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The First Rule of Feminism:

To seek equality for all.

Inherent in this is an individuals right to autonomy, both of the body and of the mind, and expressions of and opportunity to such.

Criticisms: devils advocate, common form of posed debate qs to antagonise friction and lend to argument of annihilation or subversive support of patriarchy.

The cost of silencing. Broad perspective vs limited/hyper focus. Ignorance reviles, silence perpetuates.

Trans issues within feminism
the external, personal liberty, rights to be free from violence and subdigation, to be held equal in the law and day to day life. Toilets!

The internal: gender theory, labeling, socialisation vs biology, stereotypes.

Intersectionality not only allies to overlap in harms for different labeled sectors of minorities, but also to how injustices are enacted within society via law, politics, media and opinion.

Every thing is a shit for an awful lot of people, rise of the far right and nationalist attitudes.

key areas
Education; more about pretty little league tables than actually educating children and ya in politics, un-biased history and the relevant sciences, on how to formulate and write an argument without embracing the modern mode of snark and quick, dismissive, one liners.


Another random snippit found, written in an insomniac haze, after reading a letter in the guardian relating to free speech and trans rights. There was a lot of drama at the time and it rather annoyed me. Equality is equality. We have far to go and biting each others throats helps none.

Interestingly since this there has been a small but steadily growing awareness and acceptance of those who identify as trans* particularly in schools. These stories have reached main media, with an awful lot of hate too, but there is education. My son, when he was about six, really enjoyed a documentary style show on cbeebies. He was admittedly a bit miffed that anyone would have an issue with such a child at all, and quite admired his haircut. It just kinda made sense to him at that age when all children are thinking about simple ways to express their forming identity.

We adults understand that it is more complex than that, there is a long history to overcome. And yet it is also that simple. People can just be who they want to be, and we can except one another, support, and be better people. 

We can actualise the future we are fighting for in such acceptance and guidance in the methods we use to achieve it.

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